Hello there!

This is Sam Fraser-Baxter speaking and this is my website. You've probably figured that much. Let's get into things shall we? It shouldn't take too long.

Asides from lying in the Autumn leaves, I also like to write. I do some freelance here and there, you know, interviews, long form, poems on napkins...

My work has been published in Damaged Goods ZineVice, The Wireless, Critic Magazine and Redbull among other publications.

I also started a magazine! It's called Hello Zukeen. It's about young people that ride things, movers, shakers and music makers. Find it here.

What else? Well, I finished a Bachelor of Science in 2015 and a Masters of Science Communication in 2017. I spend a lot of time thinking  about the communication of environmental issues. That led me to spend a year of my life writing a thesis about public and political response to human-shark interactions (not "shark attacks", give me a call and I'll tell you why). I do like to write about science.

I'm also an admin lord. Events specifically. Alongside my twin brother, I founded Melocasa Promotions , a small events company in 2015 after the roaring success of our backyard festivalWe put on and promoted shows around NZ, the vast majority of them sell outs. I tour managed Molly & The Chromatics, an Auckland based soul and fusion act in 2017 and am the current manager of Hot Donnas, a fiesty rock band based in Dunedin. 

I live in Dunedin. I'm currently enduring my seventh year. I have one or two friends and spend my time bobbing about on the ocean. It really isn't that bad.

So yep, that's me. Make yourself at home. Have a look around and get in touch if there's anything I can do for you. Thanks for swinging by!